"The pictures of our wedding are absolutely fabulous!

So many emotions and situations captured in a perfect way.

True Artist"

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Welcome to Lauri Hytti Photography

My name is Lauri or Late

don't worry I'm not late as in Late, but more like a Coffee Drink full of perk and flavour.

Based in Helsinki, Finland

I'm A Wedding Photographer

Capturing memories

Memories make you who you are. There aren't many bigger days in your life than your incredible wedding day. Every single fleeting moment comes and goes as you live your dream day with your loved ones. Those little moments make your day unique and magical. Those moments matter.

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Jan & Mireille

“We have no words for your awesome work you did at our big day! We are so unbellivable thankful that you've been here, as and amazing photographer and also as a friend (of the whole family) The pictures are perfect and will always remind us of this weekend full of love! Hope to see you soon! Thank you so much.”

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